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Overheating In Residential Properties
Define, identify and prevent: an overview


New homes of today need to meet high quality standards, provide a healthy and safe environment for the occupants, be energy efficient and sustainable.

In terms of existing homes, incentives such as ECO, the former Green Deal, local initiatives and the introduction of future policies as in the case of minimum EPC ratings for rental properties, also support their continuous energy efficiency and overall improvement.

Construction standards are driven by the Building Regulations, European Directives, Local Authorities plans and requirements posed by the stakeholder in support of improving their overall brand reputation.

Challenges faced by the sector today include:

A request for increased new homes delivery to meet the government’s target of delivering more than 250,000 new homes a year and,Addressing issues around the quality of new homes, the performance gap and overheating.This article is focusing on the issue of overheating in homes, providing a description of the problem, information on existing guidance and guidelines.

Overheating and Thermal Comfort

Experiencing overheating at home can directly impact the health and wellbeing of the occupant, their productivity and can turn into a costly retrofit in the future.

Defining overheating at homes has proven quite challenging due to its complex and subjective nature. A lot of work on overheating was conducted by the Zero Carbon Hub during 2014-15 which led to the following working definition used by the Zero Carbon Hub in its publications. Read more at https://www.bsria.co.uk/news/article/overheating-in-residential-properties/  

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